Exciting News from Us!

Sometimes we can lose sight of what is important to survive in business. At Hallmark Broadcast we've been fortunate to be constantly busy for as long as I can remember, but I'm always mindful of the potential for a quiet patch around the corner. However, being so busy does not always allow me to do some of the things that I really should. A case in point is a Hallmark Broadcast Showreel. The previous time we got around to producing one was 2013, and, to be honest, it was looking very tired when I revisited it yesterday. Our work has changed enormously, as have production styles and techniques generally. What was very good then just does not stand up today. Something had to be done. So, yesterday I decided to stop doing other work for a while, and to create a new video to show us in our best light. It is not a task to undertake lightly, and yes, it did involve a very late night.

Having produced one showreel, I caught the bug, and for the first time ever, we have made 3 different versions - the Social Media Cut, Standard Cut, and Extended Cut. This should cater for even the shortest of attention spans, with the longer versions giving a bit more insight into what we get up to. Please take a look at them via our website Portfolio page and send us some feedback. We'd love to hear from you.

Is a showreel necessary these days? Not many clients actually ask us if they can see one, but, I think it does have a place to showcase our work quickly. Besides, I enjoyed looking through some recent projects to find suitable footage. It reminded me of just how diverse the subject material is, and locations that we film in are. We also get the opportunity to meet and work with some truly great people, who sometimes can make me feel very humble indeed. I think we've got the best job in the World (well, maybe being a Premier League footballer would be better, certainly better paid! I'm not sure that they'd want a 50-something year old with a bad back though.) Some of the locations in our new videos include USA, Africa, South America and of course all over the UK. Despite all of that, I love getting home to Poole, which is still a wonderful place to live.

Having completed the Showreels, I thought it would be prudent to update the other videos on our site, and, update the woefully neglected blog too. So hear I am.

I promise not to leave it another 4 years before updating the Showreel, but in the meantime, enjoy them.