Tassimo or Dolce Gusto?

Ah, decisions, decisions.

At Hallmark Towers, we have had the difficult task of choosing a new coffee machine for our clients to enjoy. So off I went, to the local John Lewis, armed with the Hallmark Debit Card and no idea what I was doing. I don't even drink coffee! Staggered that a pod costs the same price as saving the Third World, I didn't get off to a great start. However, I was soon encouraged by the discovery that you could get far more than coffee from these machines. Hot chocolate, fancy tea, all manners of exotic coffees, and all made with minimum of effort, but maximum impact on wallet.

In the end, I could not decide, and am ashamed to admit that I opted for both. Each has its merits, and whatever you like, we can offer it to you (well, within reason!). So, if you fancy stopping by for a brew (and maybe a biscuit), get in touch and we will gladly help out.