Is YouTube worth it?

I’ve finally got round to starting our website blog, approximately 2 years later than originally planned. I reckon that means I have been busy (and not necessarily always efficient). So, what should be the first and therefore very important subject? Well, one of the most often-asked questions of us is “Can I have my videos on YouTube?” (usually followed by “please”, thankfully).

For us, creation of video content is second nature, yet we have had to rethink the way we make programmes these days. The attention span of YouTube viewers tends to be quite short , and therefore the videos need to get the message across quickly and succinctly.

So, the content needs to be “to the point’, but what else is important? Here are some of the things that regularly crop up in conversations:

“We can do it ourselves – it’s only YouTube”

To me, this is one of the biggest mistakes a client can make. The quality of production says a lot about your business, and how you want to be portrayed. Fine, if you are great with a camera and are naturally creative, but, our advice to a lot of our clients to spend your time doing what you are best at – it will make the best returns for you.

“It’ll be expensive to get you to do it”

Another common misconception. The lowest cost complete video we produced in 2014 was just £400. Hardly a King’s ransom, considering the experience we have and equipment too.

“Nobody Will Watch It”

If the subject is interesting, the video well made (or indeed really incredibly bad), people and prospective customers will want to know. BUT, and it is a very big but, you have to make them aware of it. Getting the video online is just the first stage. “Tagging” is very important, as it lets the search robots know what the video is all about, and where to place the video in the directory. Don’t underestimate this, it will greatly affect your viewing numbers. Your video also needs to be well-described.

What about my own TV Channel?

YouTube Channels are actually the home page of your account, listing all of the videos you have uploaded. They are easy to setup, and, best of all, free. You can customize the look to suit, and can invite people to subscribe. That’s very handy, as it will advise them when you upload new content.

People may post nasty comments

True. There are always trolls out there with nothing better to do. However, you can control this, with moderation, and even banning of comments.

Can I Use My Favourite Music?

Probably not. YouTube monitors potential copyright breaches, and may well swiftly remove your content unless you can prove that you have paid for the rights. There are plenty of alternative solutions which we can talk to you about.

What Do I Do Now?

If you are in business, and you don’t have a YouTube Channel, you really should consider it. We’d be glad to help you – it’s affordable, and quick to implement. Give me a call, or drop me an email.

Chris Hall is an experience cameraman and producer. He has headed up Hallmark Productions for 25 years, and also Hallmark Broadcast for 5 years.